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    For all my fans...

    Moş Crăciun
    Moş Crăciun

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    For all my fans... Empty For all my fans...

    Post  Moş Crăciun on Fri 17 Feb 2012 - 7:32

    ...and haters who visit this forum.

    For all my fans... Jannaadwin4v5rankedpoza

    Okay, guys! Let me explain the screen ;p

    1650 elo match(or maybe 1,7k elo since I was last pick?) Caitlyn has 999 ping, he's almost confessing us that he lives in Antarctica, when he leaves. Kassadin owning Morgana mid, same Gangplank with Nidalee top. Bot lane Janna vs Sona/Graves. Sounds funny, since usually I'm not able to play 2v2 vs Sona/Graves but this simply worked perfect. "Janna Go AD" said the team XD Since I'm the worst lasthit 1,6k elo player evah I played with +1,3g/sec so I was able to finish my starks and almost bth. I could say bot was won since I never died, their tower was down and they have 0/6 and 0/7 D: (Caitlyn is level 3 because we did baron and he reconnected when we were destroying their base towers, just to say "Wow wp guys!" ^_^

    In fact, I want to show to my friends, Faro and Thomas(yo guys) that you can win SoloQ, even 4v5, if you're better than your opponents (you don't even need to be good, just better than them) On this way I want to officialy(trololo) congratulate the 3rd guy from Fantasy Tennis who reach 1850 elo in League of Legends. Gz Ruben! (Miaw/ViveLaVida) I hope you remember when I told you that your place isn't at 1,6k elo, since you can control well and very well a big part of LoL champions.

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    Post  pantalonesco on Fri 17 Feb 2012 - 8:14


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    Post  Atom on Fri 17 Feb 2012 - 10:27

    Hard opponents.

    Under 2.3k elo = elo hell

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    Post  DrMiaw on Sat 25 Feb 2012 - 8:20

    Ty raoul, and tbh, its simply because they was worse than a fish outta the water xd.
    +1 Átomo

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