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    Post  KirchenMaus on Tue 5 Jul 2011 - 4:25

    well maybe some of u have noticed, some may have not. i dunt think anyone of u is naiv enough to fall for such stuff, still better safe than sorry~

    (reddit post, scarra)

    A riot member got logged.
    These are the same people who imitate Riot members and try to get high ELO accounts. These guys got hotshot, pobelter, and doublelift. (also sorry to say me as well from an earlier time) (EdiT: and jiji too)
    I would highly suggest you not pay attention to any suspicious alerts and do not click on any links you are sent.
    Expect a post from riot clearing this up in the near future.
    Edit: As a clarification, the alerts themselves are completely fine. Clicking and closing the alert will do nothing to you.
    However, The website itself asks to install a suspicious java file that installs a keylogger and a trojan onto your computer. Please do not go to any websites ending with .tk or anything suspicious and do not install anything from said websites.
    Also if you have clicked on suspicious links recently and accepted a download, scrub out your PC with the following free software
    Malwarebytes | Spybot S&D | Avast Antivir | Microsoft Security Essentials
    Edit 2: User Jakobbb explains the website/keylogger in much more detail in the following post:

    this are the windows that pop up.

    Then you are fine.. this is a java driveby, you need to click "Run" or "Accept" on the website, nothing will install automatically. These skids do not have a 0-day exploit on their hands, just a highly detected old and public java driveby. Also they are using a free Remote Administration software called "CyberGate". This is nothing special.
    A riot employee was stupid enough to get ratted, and this is the result.
    Image for those worried - If you clicked Cancel you are fine -

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