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    Who wins Season 1 championship?



    Who wins?

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    Re: Who wins Season 1 championship?

    Post  Searide on Mon 20 Jun 2011 - 0:44

    HighD wrote:.

    @Sride, is DH close to you and were you visiting it?

    Btw guys, we should try to be there in 2-3 years! bounce

    It´s one hour away with car. I´ve been at dreamhack 3 times before, competing in CS, Wc3 & Wc3. But I haven´t visited this year.

    Make that 1 year.

    Pdrin: its ok brothers and sisters, lets just chill and thank mother nature for all the good things we receive <3

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    Re: Who wins Season 1 championship?

    Post  Praagmatik on Mon 20 Jun 2011 - 9:29

    What a epic game the Riot team vs the Progamers whit the support team ^^ (HotShotgg, wht a nashor steal whit Taric).

    I think Fnatic can win easy the final.. and i think that they start the final whit 1-0 right? so they only need to win 1 game and aAa 2

    For me the man of the tourney is Fnatic Sushei .. what a games, omg


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    Re: Who wins Season 1 championship?

    Post  Poseidon on Mon 20 Jun 2011 - 12:55

    Really nice grand final. A little dissapointed that Fnatic had the advantage coming into the grand final, I would've liked both teams starting from square 1 for the grand finals but Fnatic really deserve it. Really great team and as of now the best team in the world, congratulations =).

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    Re: Who wins Season 1 championship?

    Post  Praagmatik on Mon 20 Jun 2011 - 13:00

    And wht a lesson about hw to play whit Karthus in a tf, hw xpeke defeat malza and corki whit the area, flash+area = defeat other carrys and break rival team and suicide so dead, -> dead , area, more dmg and ulti = gg


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    Re: Who wins Season 1 championship?

    Post  Atom on Tue 21 Jun 2011 - 6:26

    Goethe wrote: xPeke was imba in the first match but in the second he was the weak point in Fnatic(if I can say so) althought he farmed a lot of minions, as he always do.
    Atom wrote:I think it was Raoul who said that xPeke was weak player with karthus, and well, he could seem like that: not very good lane phase dying often, and not good stats dying a lot. BUT, I think it was his job, I even saw him using flash with 100 hp to take position of his corpse in the middle of the tf. He (ab)used Karthus's passive a lot.

    Regarding this, again...
    As Praagmatik explained so fine, if you saw the finals and his game with Karthus i guess you all noticed the marvellous job as karthus, zoning carries in teamfights. Awesome how he harassed Corki and Malzahar in one the fights, between Baron and Mid, he had the summoner spells for his job, similar to a tank. Exhaust to deny Carries dmg output and flash to position himself in the eye of the hurricane, to deal with passive (and before passive as well) critical ammounts of dmg. He wasnt the typical Karthus pressing R and reading the newspaper on Palm Beach, this was a top player playing a champ at the limit of its possiblities.

    In the other hand, I could write a book about the fact to have an Ashe in your team....the team with Ashe won the games. End of the story.
    Moş Crăciun

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    Re: Who wins Season 1 championship?

    Post  Moş Crăciun on Tue 21 Jun 2011 - 6:48

    That's what I expect from a Karthus played by xPeke, a great match, as he did in Grand Final - even a triple kill. In the Final of the Upper Bracket he even died once on early at top in 1vs1. Anyway, was nice to see them talking after the match. Q:What made u the winner? A:The Ashe pick! (Lamia's answer) Haha and xPeke said that the "6th member" of the team helped them with the picks for the decisive match. :D If I must to decide the player of the tournament I would choose kujaa, he was aAawesome or Shushei, not for any great match in final, but for 3 champs banned only for him. xD

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    Re: Who wins Season 1 championship?

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