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    Club System(?)

    Moş Crăciun
    Moş Crăciun

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    Club System(?) Empty Club System(?)

    Post  Moş Crăciun on Thu 14 Apr 2011 - 0:19

    Do you know anything about Club system in League of Legends? Would be fine if for future we can create a club, instead of a chat. xD But while they're trying to make club system we could do something to have same profile icon, nowadays most of us have this image at our profile:

    Club System(?) Profileicon13

    So, do you all agree?

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    Club System(?) Empty Re: Club System(?)

    Post  LegenDK on Thu 14 Apr 2011 - 1:04

    I don't know about the clan system, but it's currently not implemented. And it's not riot's priority (ie magma chamber/obs mode)

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    Club System(?) Empty Re: Club System(?)

    Post  Pdrin on Thu 14 Apr 2011 - 6:22

    well its important riot creates the system, but while it happens, we mustnt sleep and create a good club with several balanced and competitive teams to be ready for the fight and ofc a nice ambient.

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    Post  HighD on Thu 14 Apr 2011 - 7:57

    I'm cool with our current logo, but the Club system will get own logos and well, there will be new ones either way... probably if you win a ranked game or if your club is playing a good round in the club fights.

    Well would be cool if we inform in this thread if there is any new information about the upcoming feature, I even accept rumours!

    An interesting official info about Club system and upcoming stuff:

    • Automated, and player-made tournaments

    • Even more in-depth stat tracking and advanced player profiles

    • Clans and pre-made teams with in-depth stat tracking

    • Replays and Spectator mode

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